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Congrats to 2016 PBK inductees

The College’s Theta of Illinois chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is pleased to present its 2016 student inductees. Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and largest academic honor society, honors excellence in the liberal arts and sciences.

Phi Beta Kappa is an academic honor society dedicated to the recognition of superior academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences. The Lake Forest College chapter was founded in 1962 and contains both faculty and student members. Each year, faculty members elect student members on the basis of outstanding academic achievement.

Lake Forest College is one of only 283 colleges or universities in the United States meeting the standards of excellence necessary to form a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. This year there are 32 inductees.

Class of 2016

Sandra Aguilera (Dec. grad)

Casandra L. Balzer

Natalie Lynne Bricker

Ashley L. Garver

Courtney A. Gora

Rachel Elizabeth Granberg

Isabel Decker Hall

Lindsay A. Hartup (junior)

Jenny Sarah Hennum

Fatima Hooda

Kayla A. Huber

Christian A. Juillerat

Jacob Juillerat A.

Sharon Dasal Kwong

Rachel Gabrielle Lertzman

Chelsea J. McDonald

Nicole Christine Mendez

Mariabel Munoz

Maria Marcene Naumann

Emily N. Ong (junior)

Yuri A. Parasiuk

Rickie Quaglia

Nina M. Radakovich

Ellen Suzanne Rogers (Dec. grad)

Kristina Simeunovic

Matthew J. Spehlmann

Kathleen Carolyn Stralka

Erin M. Sully (Dec. grad)

Robert Veress-Szasz

Katie Bridget Wright

Yongfan Wu

Yuqing Zhu