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Center stage

The Chicago Tribune covered the College’s inaugural Hip-Hop Week with a story and photo gallery.

Here’s the article:

Hip-hop celebrated at Lake Forest College

By Mark Lawton

Hip-hop took center stage at Lake Forest College on Feb. 22 during the start of the college’s first Hip-Hop Week.

The week’s events originated while brainstorming at a meeting of the Office of Intercultural Relations, said Adam Lopez, program coordinator.

“Hip-hop is huge around the world,” Lopez said. “It’s in different languages, cultures and nations. We think it’s going to be a really good, engaging event for students.”

Lake Forest brought in break dancers, a DJ and an alum to both MC and perform. A slide show of hip-hop art work was also featured.

The week’s events included a session on hip-hop and the media and an open mic night.