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Shout out

The Chicago Tribune featured Michelle Greeneway ’16 in its Shout Out column on February 25.

Here’s the complete story:

Shout Out: Michelle Greeneway, college athlete

By Mark Lawton

Michelle Greeneway, 22, is a double-threat athlete at Lake Forest College where she has scored 103 career goals in hockey and 104 career goals in soccer, according to the school’s website. The senior is majoring in finance and minoring in psychology.

Q. You grew up in Sheboygan, Wis.?

A. Yeah. It’s definitely big with youth sports, especially soccer and basketball. That’s how I ended up playing soccer. The hockey came from my siblings, all four played hockey and my father coaches hockey.

Q. But not basketball?

A. I played basketball from fifth to eighth grade. When I got to high school, since basketball and hockey are both winter sports, I had to pick one.

Q. How challenging is it to be a full-time student and play two college sports?

A. It just comes down to time management. It sounds cliche. That and making a lot of sacrifices. I think the benefits of playing sports were more important to me than maintaining a social life.

Q. Benefits?

A. Off the bat, it was 20 or so new friends. Time management; it taught me to apply that. Hard work and not to give up on anything.

Q. Frequently when interviewed, star athletes will say it’s a team effort. It that completely true? Can a single team member have a disproportionate impact toward winning a game?

A. There have been games when one or two of us have played really well and the rest of us haven’t and we haven’t been successful. Individual standouts will help a team, but in the long run if they don’t have anyone around them, it’s not going to be successful.

Q. Any similarities between playing hockey and soccer?

A. My dad has always said one of my strengths as a hockey player is to see plays develop. Same with soccer except that you have more time. Soccer gets me ready for hockey season and gives me that mindset. Also, I use my strength and size. I’m taller than a lot of girls out there, 5’8”. That has helped me in both sports.

Q. Is there a trick to scoring that many goals?

A. Just not to over think it. When I over think, it gets me rattled. In the games I play the worst, I think that it’s my job to put the ball in the net or the puck in the goal.

Q. Any post college ambitions?

A. Playing hockey abroad. It’s kind of a difficult process for women athletes, especially coming from Division three level and finding the correct contacts.

—Mark Lawton, Pioneer Press

Shout Out is a weekly feature in which we get to know and introduce our readers to their fellow community members and local visitors throughout suburban Chicago. Check out more online at ChicagoTribune.com/ShoutOut.