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A game changer

Volunteering for Forester Day of Service can be a life-changing experience.

“It’s one of my favorite events of spring semester,” said Kimiko Fujioka Guillermo ’16, who has participated in the day of giving back every year that she’s been at Lake Forest College. 

Now a team leader for the event that draws 300 volunteers annually, Guillermo hears firsthand from students how helping others changed them.

“They always say things like, ‘This is what I needed right now. I’m so happy that I came.’ It’s just incredible what a couple of hours on a Saturday can do,” she said.

This year’s Forester Day of Service is on Saturday, February 27. The group of student, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteers will travel by bus to elementary schools in North Chicago, where they will work with children from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Participants can sign up as a “buddy” or a member of the hospitality team. Each buddy is paired up with a youngster. “You play games, read stories, do homework—whatever you want,” Guillermo said. 

Those who are not comfortable working one-on-one with a child can help with registration, serving lunch, or delivering materials to classrooms. “There are a lot of options,” Guillermo said. 

The College will provide more than 2,000 hours of community service to North Chicago Community Partners in just one day—if 300 volunteers sign up to participate.

“This program creates a chance for our students to do service, but it also teaches them the importance of supporting the community by creating awareness of the needs of those around us,” said Aldo Guzman, assistant dean of students and director of the Gates Center for Leadership and Personal Growth. “This build their leadership and a lifelong commitment to help those in need.”

Click here for more information and to sign up to participate in Forester Day of Service.