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Todd Beer’s blog gone national

Assistant Professor of Sociology Todd Beer’s blog, “The Sociology Toolbox”, has joined the nationally known sociology blog, The Society Pages.

Beer began his blog in July of 2013 as a way to share resources he found useful in teaching a range of sociology classes. His posts are primarily guided toward those that teach at all levels, but are also useful to students and the curious public.

Topically, it is a wide-ranging blog from economic inequality to climate change, from race to the sociological imagination, from globalization to sociological theory. “The common thread through all the topics is a focus on teaching in the classroom,” Beer said.

Since its inception, the blog has been visited by more than 34,000 people and had 56,000 page views from 168 countries. Since launching on The Society Pages in late January, The Sociology Toolbox has on average 200 page views each day.