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Make the most of Career Month

February is Career Month—a great time for students to think about their summer and post-graduation plans as well as a good opportunity to reflect on career aspirations.

During Career Month, the Career Advancement Center (CAC) is offering everything from the chance to practice interviewing with alumni, check-ins with career advisors, and engaging events with professionals.

This week: 

  • Students can take a few minutes to complete an online self-reflection so we can understand your current stage of career preparation and and identify the best ways to help you succeed. Plus, you’ll will earn TWO BONUS POINTS for Boomer’s Wellness Challenge for completing the online self-reflection the week of February 1–7. Discuss your responses with your career advisor during the Career Milestone Check-In on February 17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Follow @LFCareers on Facebookand Twitter. Throughout Career Month, we’ll be sharing information about events, career-related resources and other great opportunities to help keep you on track with your Career Milestones. Also, professionals, Forester Career Network volunteers, and alumni will share how they accomplished Career Milestones.