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Communications and Marketing

Accessing jobs, internships

Finding that first job after college was the subject of a recent Women in Biz panel discussion with four alums who shared their experiences with current students.

The panel members discussed interviewing tips, using social media in the job-search project, and networking in Chicago—important information for landing a first job or getting an internship.

“Alums are a unique source of information and have great tips for navigating today’s entry-level job market,” Associate Professor of Economics Amanda Felkey said. “This is a great venue to find a summer internship or job in economics, finance, and insurance.”

The College’s Women in Biz organization focuses on supporting females as they navigate their course of study and pursue careers and additional education in business-related fields. Providing access to professionals is a cornerstone of the group.

Participating in the panel were Alexandra Dober ’14, sales incentive analyst at CareerBuilder; Maggie Hennessy ’14, a business development associate at Food Genius; Kelsie Miller ’15, an associate account executive at Travelers Insurance Company; and Alexis Yusim ’15, an analyst at Coherent Economics.

For information about joining Women in Biz, contact Felkey at felkey@lakeforest.edu or 847-735-5146.