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New Lake Forest graduates surveyed on their outcomes

Last year far more than 90 percent of 2014 graduates said they were in jobs, school, or pursuing another chosen option. Now it’s time for the Class of 2015 to report their post-graduate outcomes.

February is officially Career Month at Lake Forest College and has been for several years now. During the month, first-year students to seniors are being asked to work on their resumes, participate in networking events, and picture themselves gaining the necessary experiences that will help them to achieve meaningful post-graduate outcomes. 

At the same time, Career Advancement Center staff, with the help of faculty and staff across campus, are busy contacting last year’s crop of graduates to find out just what they’re up to now, by sending out the Post-Graduate Outcomes Survey to 2015 graduates.

“The post-graduate outcomes survey is our way of measuring our students’ outcomes against those of other colleges and universities,” said Associate Vice President of Career Services and Professional Development Lisa Hinkley. Last year 98 percent of 2014 graduates who responded to the survey posted some kind of positive outcome, whether going to graduate school, working in their first job, or volunteering. This year that figure is 85 percent, which is generally higher than what is reported at most colleges.

If you know a December 2014 through summer 2015 graduate or are one yourself, please fill out this five-minute survey. Results will be available next fall.