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Deconstructing Title IX

Title IX Coordinator Julie Yura demystifies the College’s sexual misconduct policy.

Campus sexual misconduct currently dominates national headlines, as well as state and federal legislation. Consistent with the national discussion and legislative action, Lake Forest College updates its prevention and response protocols for sexual misconduct on an on-going basis to incorporate current best practices and ensure that they meet the needs of our community.

Most recently, the College revised its Sexual Discrimination/Misconduct Policy and its accompanying Complaint Resolution Procedures, which can be found on to the College’s website at www.lakeforest.edu/sexualmisconduct. With these revisions, the College shifted from a hearing model to an investigative model for addressing allegations of sexual misconduct. Complaints are now investigated by a single, impartial, trained investigator who determines whether or not a policy violation has occurred.

If the investigator finds that the Policy has been violated, the matter is turned over to the respective Sanctioning Official (Dean of Students for students, Dean of the Faculty for faculty, or Director of Human Resources for staff) to determine appropriate sanctions. There is also an appeal process, which is managed by the Sexual Misconduct Appellate Board.

This shift is consistent with national best practices in that it reduces interactions between Complainants and Respondents, better preserves confidentiality by reducing the number of people involved in the process, and allows for quicker resolution of most cases.

In addition to policy changes, the College’s Title IX Coordinator and Director of Health and Wellness have worked with local community resources, including the Lake County State’s Attorney and the Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center in nearby Gurnee, to further develop our training and awareness surrounding these issues. In addition to providing students and employees with primary prevention and awareness programming, the College is implementing the “Step Up” bystander intervention program this semester and our Coalition Against Sexual Misconduct will be issuing all students a research-based climate survey to determine where further programming and policy changes are necessary. More information regarding these matters is available at www.lakeforest.edu/sexuamisconduct or you may contact the College’s current Title IX Coordinator, Julie H. Yura, at yura@lakeforest.edu.