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Communications and Marketing

Projects for Peace applications due January 26

How would you like to receive up to $10,000 for designing and carrying out a grassroots project during the summer of 2016—anywhere in the world—to promotes peace and address the root causes of conflict among peoples?

Interested students should consider applying for a grant through Davis Projects for Peace program, run by the Davis Foundation headquartered at Middlebury College in Vermont. You can apply by yourself or in collaboration with other Lake Forest College students.

Recommendations for the winning proposal will be made by mid February, by an on-campus selection committee of faculty members and former grant recipients. Final decision regarding the winning proposal will be made by the Davis Foundation by March 14.

Check out the peace projects Lake Forest students have worked on since 2007:

For more information, contact the Associate Dean of the Faculty and Director of the Center for Chicago Programs Davis Schneiderman. He can be reached at extension 5282 or dschneid@lakeforest.edu.