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Library to observe International Open Access Week

October 19-25 is International Open Access Week, and the Donnelley and Lee Library will observe it with special displays and information.

Open Access means unrestricted online access to published research. With the growth of the Internet, scholars have the ability to share their work instantaneously and at lower cost than ever before. At the same time, the cost of academic periodicals and journals where scholar’s works are published has been rising precipitously. 

Open Access journals allow authors to retain copyright to their publications. Since the journals don’t own the copyright, research can be placed in open repositories where it is freely available to anyone with Internet access. 

Lake Forest College librarians have begun to upload publicly accessible research into our repository, Lake Forest College Publications. Selected articles by Lake Forest College faculty are online now at Lake Forest College Publications, and many more are to come.

Click here to view a short video explaining Open Access.