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One Saturday morning

Members of the College’s Prairie Keepers group planted six new trees on Revery Prairie—the landscape restoration-in-progress on Middle Campus.

Volunteers spent part of their Saturday, October 3, finding a home for one bur oak, two red oaks, two white oaks, and one bitternut hickory in the triangular prairie in front of the Mohr Student Center.

The saplings were set among oat plants sown earlier this semester to discourage weed growth and to enrich the soil. This semester, volunteers added 400 new plants, interpretive signage, and inspiring poems to the triangle of land. Prairie seeds will be broadcast over the entire area this winter. 

The project to restore the natural ecosystems began in spring 2014.

To receive occasional updates on the progress of the prairie, contact Jim Cubit and asked to be added to the Prairie Keepers group.