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Communications and Marketing

Global selfies

More than 100 students had their photos taken in front of a choice of three international city backdrops during the “Picture Yourself Abroad” event.

With a choice of Hong Kong, Singapore, or Toronto, Hella Habtewold ’16 and Connor Fahey ’17 picked the Canadian city as their photo backdrop during Monday’s kick-off event to this week’s Global Fest.

“We didn’t have a particular reason for choosing the background as Toronto, but it’s good to be with a friend in a different place where both of us haven’t been—but wish to experience the culture and living style,” Habtewold said.

Habtewold, from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Fahey, from Barrington, Illinois, met at Lake Forest College, which boasts extraordinary diversity. The College’s total enrollment of approximately 1,600 students represents 45 states and 76 countries.