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Reflect and distort

Associate Professor of Art Eli Robb constantly questions the ways objects appear or how they are built.

He credits his background as a carpenter with inspiring his latest works, which are on display at the Durand Art Institute through September. Reclaimed and salvaged objects play a major role in his latest exhibit, titled “Connections.” 

“I want viewers of my work to think about the connections between forms and materials as an integral part of the way we experience the world,” Robb said. His sculptures “reflect and distort” common objects and materials.

Gallery hours are:

  • 2–5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 1–5 p.m. Saturday, Sunday
  • By appointment: 847-735-5194

Robb is the chair of the Department of Art and Art History at Lake Forest, a top college. Click here to apply.