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5 things Sara Finesilver ’04 can’t live without

Sara Finesilver ’04 swapped out ice time as a varsity hockey player at Lake Forest for volunteer time as a leadership development coach, social fitness instructor—even an Australian cattle dog foster parent.

The three-time women’s varsity ice hockey letter-winner and psychology major at Lake Forest College works in the Denver area as an industrial/organizational psychologist at Nygren Consulting.

She says Lake Forest’s small class sizes, personal attention, and access to world-class professors taught her how to create meaningful personal relationships. “This is something that is vitally important in my line of work, which allows me to build trust and respect with my clients from day one.” 

An officer of the College’s Alumni Board, Finesilver shares the five things she can’t possibly live without.

My passport: I love to travel. In fact, I just returned from three weeks in Norway, where I had an amazing time sailing the North Sea, taking in some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, and talking with Norwegians about their views on socialism, our political system, and life in a country that mandates five weeks of paid vacation a year, 10 months of maternity leave, and two months of paternity leave. I always try to spend time with locals to get a realistic idea of what life is like in other places. I crave perspective. 

My dog, Maslow: Just look at that face!  Aside from being incredibly handsome and smart, Maslow is my built-in de-stressor. I work a lot from home and he reminds me that I have to take a walk break every few hours. He also loves to travel, and accompanies me on longer trips, when possible.

My family: I unapologetically talk to my parents multiple times a week, and in recent years could often be found lying on my grandmother’s bed late at night trading stories about life, until she passed in March of this year. My brother and cousins are some of my very best friends, and I have the great joy of being an aunt to two adorable and naughty nephews. I cherish holidays and weddings, where we can all be together to dance the night away and laugh until we cry.

The mountains: I was born and raised at 7,890 feet in the Colorado Rockies. The mountains are my point of reference when life gets intense. I love to hike and be alone in the wilderness, or camp under a star-filled sky. The mountains have a way of putting things in perspective and reminding me of what is really important.


My laptop: I have worked remotely for the past eight years. When I am not at a client site, I have the freedom to work from wherever my laptop is. I have worked for months at a time in locations other than where I live, visiting family, friends, and loved ones in my down time. I guess you could say I am the walking definition of “taking my work home with me.”

Along with other fellow Foresters, Sara is hosting an upcoming Denver Forester Happy Hour on Thursday, October 1.