Professor Jill Van Newenhizen ‘81 earns recognition for publication in Chicago History magazine

Professor Jill Van Newenhizen’s recently published article, ‘The Geometry of Chicago’ in the Fall 2010 issue of Chicago History: The Magazine of the Chicago History Museum, is another solid link in creating a strong relationship between Lake Forest College and the city of Chicago.  

What makes this accomplishment even more remarkable is that the Chicago History magazine is far from the typical venue for scholarly mathematics works. Dr. J, as she is affectionately called, melds the disciplines of mathematics and history seamlessly in her tribute to Daniel H. Burnham’s 100th anniversary celebration as the architect of Chicago’s buildings and streets. She expertly analyzes Burnham’s contributions as only the analytical mathematics mind can do. Burnham’s 1909 Plan of Chicago draws heavily on the mathematic principles set in Euclid’s Elements Book I which are clearly defined in this piece in a way that appeals to mathematicians, historians and the general public. A copy of the magazine is available in the periodical section of the Donnelley and Lee Library.