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On the environment

Assistant Professor Todd Beer of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology had two articles on climate and the environment published recently.

“Expansive and Complex Pathways to World Society: The Global Connections of Kenyan Environmental Organizations and Their Support for Climate Change” is available online now and will be published in the journal Sociological Perspectives in early 2016.

Beer’s research examines how domestic environmental groups in Kenya interact with and are influenced by international organizations. The research finds Kenyan organizations are extensively connected to larger global society though membership in organizations, trainings, and funding they receive. Beer also found that the types of international organizations Kenyan environmental groups are connected to is correlated with competing global climate-change policy prescriptions. 

“Climate Justice, the Global South, and Policy Preferences of Kenyan Environmental NGOs” appears in a special edition of the journal, The Global South. In the article, Beer explores the mixture of global climate change policies supported by different environmental organizations in Kenya. While many environmental organizations support the principles of climate justice, nearly as many prioritize other policy elements that are more reflective of actors from the advanced industrialized nations of the global North. 

Both articles are derived from data Beer collected in Kenya through in-person interviews with more than 70 Kenyan environmental groups.