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Delving into careers

Students gained career-defining experiences this summer conducting biomedical research at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

The 19 students—ranging from first-year to fourth-year—worked side-by-side with faculty from several departments at the medical school, providing a broad scope of opportunities.

Chaya Tabas ’16, a neuroscience major, worked with neuroscience professor Dr. Anthony West on a Parkinson’s disease. “This research opportunity allowed me to get hands-on experience in what current research is being done for neurological diseases and disorders, such as Parkinson’s and an opportunity to apply the knowledge that I learn in class to a real-world setting,” she said.

Her biggest take-away from the experience was learning that “research is a collaborative effort, and there is always more to learn,” Tabas said. Her goal is to attend medical school and become a neurologist after graduating from Lake Forest.

Trevor Buhr ’18 hoped to gain “a better understanding of how topics covered in a textbook are applied to real-life scientific questions” through his summer research experience. The neuroscience major found studying Alzheimer’s disease with neuroscience professor Dr. Robert Marr in his first research opportunity an important step in his career exploration.

“This experience has only deepened my interests in the sciences and has inspired me to continue asking questions and working hard,” Buhr said.   

More than 70 Lake Forest College students have participated in the Summer Research Fellows Program with RFUMS since its inception in 2009. The 2015 class is the largest in the program’s seven-year history.