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Communications and Marketing

Ready for the real world

Alexis Yusim ’15 found a good career fit for her liberal arts education—weeks before Commencement.

The double-major in math and economics and minor in philosophy landed a job as a research analyst at Coherent Economics, a boutique consulting firm that provides economic and financial analysis in legal disputes.

When she starts her full-time job, Yusim will rely on the critical-thinking and writing skills she developed over four years at the College.

“There’s a lot going into this position that my liberal arts background has prepared me for,” the Skokie, Illinois native and member of the Senior 25, said. “I’ve learned to analyze things quantitatively and qualitatively.”

Yusim also takes to her new job the experience she gained working in a summer internship at STATS, the world’s leading sports technology, data, and content company in the Chicago suburbs.

The Career Advancement Center helped Yusim present her education and experience through a winning resume and job interviewing technique. 

“I depended on the Career Advancement Center. They helped me shape my resume multiple times and narrow down what I wanted to do after graduation,” Yusim said. 

Yusim also gives credit to the professors in the Department of Economics “who have been wonderful in teaching and advising me, as well as shaping me into someone who is ready to take on the real world.”