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Communications and Marketing

New York, New York

Mason Zuniga ’16 is going places—New York City, for starters, where he landed an internship with Morgan Stanley as a public finance summer analyst.

The Texas native will be a long way from home, but knows that to jumpstart a career in banking he needs to be in the heart of the nation’s banking industry. “New York is where most of the successful bankers are, so that’s where I want to be,” he said.

The El Paso native will put his finance major and politics minor to good use. His duties in this full-time 10-week internship will include preparing data analysis, writing proposals for clients, and doing whatever the Morgan Stanley team asks him to do.

“I want to have a better understanding of the public finance world, which is different than a lot of other finance sectors,” Zuniga said. “Public finance deals mostly with state, local, and municipal entities.”

Zuniga sees this specialization as a natural outgrowth of his studies at Lake Forest College. “It’s a good fit for me,” he said.

To land his first internship, Zuniga networked with banking professionals in Texas who connected him with the Morgan Stanley team in New York.

“The Career Advancement Center helped me prepare for my interviews,” Zuniga said, which included two by phone and a full day of meetings in the company’s office, located just off Times Square.

Zuniga is confident this experience will open more doors for him down the road. “Through this internship, I will meet people who can help me succeed in my career,” he said.