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Discussion with artist Melika Bass

Emerging video artist, Melika Bass, visited Lake Forest College to talk with students about her artist background and art works.

The Department of Art and Art History hosted the event on February 12, 2015 at 4 p.m. in Durand Art Institute. The event gave students the opportunity to approach an artist working in the avant-garde scene and expose them to a specific style of filmmaking and gave exclusive insight on Bass’s works, styles, and techniques.

Bass is known for her experimental filmmaking. Residing in Chicago, she currently has a show at Hyde Park Art Center. Self-categorizing herself within the realm of the experimental, film, indie, and fine arts genres, she continuously shows a wide range of her distinct style.Thematically, Bass explores hyperphysicality and the abstracted narrative. She exemplifies the contemporary artist as an active artist working within the digital realms.

During the talk, she showed examples of her works, detailed her life as an artist and shared relevant personal experiences affecting her works. She also talked about the process and challenges as a filmmaker, and the interesting impacts of her works being shown in different contexts. Primarily working within the public realm, she explores notions of voyeurism, the observer, and the witness. Notably, she has made a music video for Sigur Ros, a well-known Icelandic post-rock band.

-Written by Hanna Chang ’17