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A fresh perspective

Art lecturer Suzanne Lussier searched across the U.S. to find the best examples of ceramics to include in the Lake Forest College Invitational Teapot Exhibition.

The show included pieces from Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona, California, Washington, and Montana.

“I wanted to provide fresh visual insight into ceramics and show what’s happening around the country in contemporary ceramics,” she said.

The selected teapots were the work of some well-known names in the clay field.

“I contacted a variety of artists at different points in their careers, all serious ceramics artists,” she said. “Some are real heavy-hitters that are known throughout the art community. Others are emerging and newer to the clay scene.”

Lussier limited her invitation to professional ceramic artists only. “There’s no amateur work in the show,” she said. A ceramics artist herself—she holds an MFA in the field—Lussier created her own pieces for the exhibit.

Lussier hopes visitors gained a fresh perspective on ceramic artistry through the exhibition.

“With the field of clay, there are always new things to learn, there are always new angles to look at, and there’s always something new happening. It’s an ever-evolving field,” she said.