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New video features the Forester Career Plan: Preparing for Life After Lake Forest College

From your first year to your senior year, the Lake Forest College Career Advancement Center (CAC) is with you every step of the way as you discover your interests, make a plan, and  follow through with that plan on the path to your future.

The CAC organizes events throughout the year to meet your needs, no matter what step you’re on in the Forester Career Plan. Whether you are speaking with faculty members, alumni, or professionals, each conversation is an opportunity to build your network.

Additionally, career coaches welcome you to make appointments with them to discuss choosing a major, gaining experience through internships, preparing for interviews, and more.

In the following video, hear how Stefan Zaharinov ’15 started to pave the way for a career in pharmacy through his own hard work and the regular counsel of career coach Joe Chmura.