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Showcasing the Fruits of Our Labor

Ashley Reich
Department of Biology
Lake Forest College
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045
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As Eukaryon continues to grow as a journal, we felt that this year was an important time to highlight how much we have accomplished in the past nine years. As an editorial board we especially wanted to emphasize the breadth and the depth of the journal, as a result of our liberal arts education. The theme we decided on was: “Harvesting the fruits of our labor”. With this theme we hoped to highlight the diversity that the journal has achieved, the impact we have on scholarship within the College, and all of the positive growth we have accomplished within the board.

With this theme in mind we set out to find the perfect cover to depict all of those goals. As always, we were incredibly pleased with the submissions that we received for this year’s art competition. Each piece we received was thoughtful and exquisitely portrayed the theme of this year’s journal. Here’s what the top finalists had to say about the inspiration behind their pieces:

 Hugh Wantanabe ‘15

“The inspiration behind this piece originates from the farmers and fishermen that have surrounded me throughout my childhood, in a remote town on the west coast of Japan. The medium is a scratchboard drawing, in which a variety of needles and brushes are used to carve onto a black board. It is because I was blessed with the opportunity to enjoy such fresh and organic ingredients, that I was truly able to get a better understanding regarding the importance of food sources. Watching my neighbors out in the fields from sunrise to sunset also allowed me to apprehend the work and efforts put into the food we consume on a daily basis.”















Artwork by Hugh Wantanabe ‘15

Jana Hengstler ‘14

“I took the theme into consideration, and the word labor made be think about all the muscles being used in the body when participating in any sort of movement. I also used a color scheme more oriented towards that of the body besides of the pair.”















Artwork by Jana Hengstler ‘14

Tiana Stephens

“My design was inspired by the mission of Eukaryon: to bring the great work from the science departments together into one unified journal. It is admirable to think that the journal is a compilation of pieces written by talented and hard working students, which is a wonderful example of the intelligence and learning that takes place on Lake Forest’s campus.”


Artwork by Tiana Stephens 


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