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Art Competition Showcase

Ashley Reich
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Since the second edition of Eukaryon there have been overarching themes that the journal chooses to highlight in every edition. These themes emphasize important
developments occurring in Eukaryon as a student-run organization as well as the sciences at Lake Forest College. This edition marks a very exciting year in the growth of the journal to become more diverse.

One of the main goals for Eukaryon this year was to increase the diversity of the selection of articles being published by accepting submissions from the Psychology
department as well as the Environmental Studies department. In the past, primarily Biology and Neuroscience scholarship was published in Eukaryon.

In order to accommodate this exciting new expansion in the journal, Eukaryon recognized that the rubrics used for reviewing article submissions were in drastic
need of revision. Between the hard work of member Zakea Boeger and the collaborative suggestions from the board, complete revision of the existing rubrics was achieved. These revisions to the reviewing rubrics not only met the needs of the new fields of science being reviewed, but greatly improved the current methods of reviewing all types of article submissions.

With our main thoughts of diversity among the articles published in the journal, the theme for the 8th edition was chosen to be “Branching Out,” and Eukaryon has taken
the theme of “branching out” to literally every page in this journal. In the past Eukaryon has been making the shift to a more eco-friendly production of the journal, and this edition marks the first use of 100% recycled paper. With the growth, diversity and improvements to this edition of Eukaryon it was essential that we find a cover piece to
incorporate all of the above and more.

A call to artists all over campus was put out seeking artwork to represent the “branching out” that Eukaryon is trying to achieve. Artists were asked to design a
cover that demonstrates Eukaryon’s theme for this year –Branching Out— and our goal of accepting submissions from the Psychology and Environmental Studies departments. The beautiful piece of art you see on the cover of this edition not only captures the goals of diversity and growth within Eukaryon, but is a symbol of the diversity among the science departments at Lake Forest College.

The artwork that Eukaryon receives every year is truly exceptional, and this year was no different. Every submission was uniquely exquisite and did a wonderful job of portraying the expansions Eukaryon is trying to achieve. We wanted to take the chance to recognize the top finalists of the competition, and give them the opportunity to describe the inspiration behind each of their pieces.

Here is what each artist had to say:


Jasmine Perry ‘13:
“The world is filled with such amazing things and the sciences are here to analyze the world around us so we can gain knowledge about our existence. The idea of “branching out” relates to the importance of searching for new horizons and attempting to understand the connections between seemingly different subjects, people or ideas within the world. The sciences are all separated into different disciplines, but between each form of scientific exploration exists an interwoven network.”


Artwork by Jasmine Perry ‘13.


Kaya Cuper ‘14:
“This finalist piece for the front cover illustrates this year’s theme “Branching Out.” Branching out in this artwork is portrayed through trees and branches. The way these
branches overlap and spread out into the sky symbolizes Eukaryon’s goals and future. This journal wants to include more from other departments and different fields of research. Thus, these goals are emphasized in this piece showing that research in ecology will be becoming more prevalent in Eukaryon.”

Kaya Cuper

Artwork by Kaya Cuper ‘14.


Anna Naditz ‘12:
“When I heard that the theme was for this year’s Eukaryon publication was “branching out”, I immediately thought about neurons and their dendritic branches. Specifically, I thought about how the dendrites and axon terminals branch out, making connections with other neurons. Following that same thought, I realized that Eukaryon is responsible for making a Lot of connections at Lake Forest College. One of its most basic and major functions is the connection of the sciences to the student body. So I drew my representation to show all of the scientific areas that are covered in publications in Eukaryon as the axon terminals, the student body in the cell body of the neuron, with the work “Eukaryon” in the axon, connecting these two together.”Anna Naditz

Artwork by Anna Naditz ‘13.



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