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Forester News

Katherine ‘Kitty’ Simshauser Lavin ’91 helps distribute food during the COVID-19 crisis

As a senior field advisor at Food for the Poor in Florida, Katherine Lavin, Class of 1991, is working with their top donors to support those in greatest need during this coronavirus crisis.

Throughout the world, lockdowns have robbed millions of employment and construction of homes, clinics, agricultural projects, and schools has slowed.

As Katherine continues to work from home, she also supports colleagues who will distribute food to nearly a million families this month. It is amazing what people are doing to help others during this time, and we are proud that Kitty is part of that fight and proudly representing our Forester Family.

Stories like Katherine’s and other alumni who are helping during the COVID-19 crisis have been coming into the College regularly! If you or other Foresters have stories to share about helping the COVID-19 relief efforts, please do so on our Special Recognition Class Notes page. 

Kitty Lavin `91