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Equity & Title IX: Campus information and response during COVID-19

As students, faculty, and staff have transitioned to a remote learning and working environment, Title IX Coordinator LaShun McGhee shared information about managing Title IX concerns during the pandemic.

“We are mindful of adjustments necessary for COVID-19, but also highlight April as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Visit the awareness page to learn more,” she said. 

McGhee highlighted a few items and provided links for additional information: 

  • Please see the LFC Title IX COVID-19 webpage for support information and resources. Updates will be shared as available.
  • Department of Education: Proposed Title IX Regulations. We have not received any new regulations to-date.
  • Pending incidents: If you had a concern that was being addressed or monitored this spring, you can expect to be reached out to via email. The week of April 13 was our target week to begin contacting anyone with pending Title IX concerns, as we wanted to allow for academic and working adjustments first.
  • New incidents (on- or off-campus): We are still managing incidents similar to when we were physically on campus. Whether an incident occurs on or off-campus, you may still report it (link below) through the reporting form, or by contacting the Title IX office via email. Responsible employees are expected to continue sharing information.
  • Awareness and education: April is designated as the month to raise awareness of sexual assault nationally. We will also highlight another national program: Crime Victims’ Rights Week April 19–25, which will be a simplified version of what we would have provided on campus. Save the date—April 29—for an opportunity where you may get involved, right from the location you are in. 

Finally, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions about your rights, support, resources, and harassment or discrimination concerns. You may direct questions or concerns to: titleix@lakeforest.edu, or report via www.lakeforest.edu/titleixreport. If you would prefer to speak directly, we are also available to schedule a Zoom meeting.

Thinking of you,

LaShun McGhee
Title IX Coordinator-Rosemary House
Lake Forest College