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Career Connections

Career-A-Palooza is Going Digital!

Career-A-Palooza is going digital! Join us for a week of virtual presentations at our conference-style event all week April 20-24.









6p.m. Event Kickoff with Martino Moore ’99, Morgan Stanley

12p.m. Your Story, Your Career, Your Triumph with Andre Meeks ’09


4p.m. Storytelling for Interviews and Personal Statements with Prof. Janet McCracken

6p.m. LinkedIn Strategies with Prof. Stewart Foley and the CAC

12p.m. Connecting the Dots from Your Major to Your Career with Sydney Gardner ’18 (Horizon Therapeutics) and Bryan Bertola ’02 (Midwest Architecture)

4p.m. Careers for a Cause with Peace Corps and City Year

6p.m. Creative Resumes: Building Your Brand and Taking Yourself to Market with Katie McCants ’03, Upshot

12p.m. How to Impress an Employer During a Virtual Interview featuring LaSalle Network

4p.m. A Workshop on Scientific Resumes and Cover Letters with Prof. William Conrad

12p.m. Closing Q&A with a Career Advisor, Pathway Leader Dr. Pauline Binder-Finnema

Choose your own career adventure and attend virtual sessions led by alumni and other professionals who will share insights into the skills you will need after college. This event will teach you how to market your liberal arts education and stand out to employers as you apply to jobs and internships.

Register on Handshake for each session you would like to attend to view call-in information. You can find registration links in the session schedule below.

Did we mention you can win prizes for the sessions you attend?

There will be a session for everyone across the Career Pathways. See the full lineup below!


Win prizes at Career-A-Palooza Goes Digital! 

The Career Advancement Center is raffling off two $50 Grubhub gift cards and a GRAND PRIZE of a $100 Visa gift card and a set of Lollapalooza tickets* for you and a friend. Winners will be announced at the end of the week!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Attend one or more Career-A-Palooza Goes Digital sessions. Each session you attend gets you one entry!
  • Ask a question in the chat during a session you attend. Get one raffle entry per session you ask a question.
  • Send a picture of yourself attending a session to careers@lakeforest.edu for a bonus entry. These pictures may be featured on the CAC’s social media.

*Recognizing that Lollapalooza 2020 may be postponed due to COVID-19 concerns, these tickets will be transferable to the next time this festival is held, either later in 2020 or in 2021. Student safety is our first priority and we urge everyone to follow the guidelines and protocols put forth by public health officials. 


SESSION SCHEDULE (All times are in CDT)


6p.m. – Event Kickoff with Martino R. Moore ’99

  • Martino Moore ’99, who majored in philosophy and is now an Executive Director on the Institutional Salestrading desk at Morgan Stanley, will kick off Career-A-Palooza by sharing his own story of the value and versatility of a liberal arts degree in the workplace, now more than ever. He will explain how to use that to your advantage to help you to be more adaptable in the search process and to stand out to employers in interviews, and, very importantly, he will discuss the power of the Forester Network.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/483756/share_preview



12p.m. – Your Story, Your Career, Your Triumph

  • Hear from LFC alumni Andre Meeks ’09, Assistant Director for the Office of Intercultural Relations at Lake Forest College, regarding how he has leveraged his unique story and social identities in navigating his professional career path.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/486419/share_preview

4p.m. – Storytelling for Interviews and Personal Statements

  • You have a unique story to tell, and employers and graduate programs want to hear it! Professor Janet McCracken will help you learn how to stand out from other applicants by identifying and sharing your unique story in a compelling way in interviews and personal statements.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/483870/share_preview

6p.m. – LinkedIn Strategies

  • Vernard Lockhart, Executive Internship and Employment Recruiting Strategist, and Professor Foley, Lecturer and Special Advisor on the Practice of Finance, will share with you best practices on how to successfully leverage LinkedIn for your job search.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/485073/share_preview



12p.m. – Connecting the Dots from Your Major to Your Career

  • Hear from LFC alumni who navigated through the liberal arts curriculum and college athletics to create their unique career paths. Panel of alumni include Sydney Gardner ’18, Patient Advocacy Specialist for Horizon Therapeutics, and Bryan Bertola ’02, Associate Principal at Midwest Architecture.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/483869/share_preview

4p.m. – Careers for a Cause

  • Nyassa Kollie, Regional Recruiter for the Peace Corps, and Sarah Seguine-Hall, Regional Recruitment Manager for City Year Chicago, will provide steps and advice for students on creating a career that supports and impacts community.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/483861/share_preview

6 p.m. – Creative Resumes: Building Your Brand and Taking Yourself to Market

  • Katie McCants ’03, Senior Director at Upshot, shares advice for students seeking careers in the arts and creative communication industries on how to design a creative resume and digital portfolio that build your brand and expand beyond the traditional chronological resume formats.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/485079/share_preview



12p.m. – How to Impress an Employer During a Virtual Interview

  • In the digital age of interviewing, video interview platforms are becoming the norm. Learn from the experts at LaSalle Network, a national staffing, recruiting, and culture firm, on best practices and advice for successful virtual interview experiences.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/485083/share_preview

4p.m. – A Workshop on Scientific Resumes

  • Bring your laptops! Be ready with a draft of your resume and cover letter! Dr. William Conrad, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Lake Forest College, provides a tutorial on how to write scientific resumes and cover letters that showcase your laboratory and research skills in a way that appeals to professionals in the field.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/485091/share_preview



12p.m. – Closing Q&A with Career Advisors

  • Join the Career Advancement Center to close out Career-A-Palooza Goes Digital! Science and Health Care Pathway Leader Pauline Binder-Finnema, Ph.D. will be sharing key takeaways from the sessions earlier in the week and answering any additional questions you have about building your professional skills and preparing for job and internship applications.
  • To join this session: https://lakeforest.joinhandshake.com/events/485098/share_preview