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Students: Check important new policies

Students heading into the final stretch of the spring semester, registration for the 2020–21 academic year, and continuing registration for summer 2020, they should pay close attention to new policies that have come into effect during the COVID-19 emergency. 

It is our hope that these policies will afford students the support they need for a strong finish to the spring semester and that they will help keep students engaged throughout the summer in meeting their academic goals in these trying times

Students should review these policies carefully and discuss with their advisors. Feel free to contact Associate Dean of the Faculty for Student Success Dawn Abt-Perkins or the Office of the Registrar for further assistance. 

COVID-19: Partial Credit Recovery Policy (PCR)

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, students who were passing their courses at spring break may find themselves confronting new and significant obstacles to successfully completing their courses. This Partial Credit Recovery (PCR) policy would allow students who withdraw from a course—with instructor approval—to recover half of the attempted credit for a course, rather than lose the entire credit. 

The policy is available for attempted courses valued at either .5 or 1 credit. 

Once a student submits a “W” request dated March 23 or later (i.e., after return from spring break), the Registrar’s office will inform the Center for Academic Success (CAS). A CAS representative will then determine whether the student is eligible for the PCR. Eligibility is defined as the student, with instructor confirmation, having: 

  • Completed at least 50% of the normally required hours for in- and out-of-class work (140 hours, outside of finals, for a full-credit course) and
  • Achieved a “D-” or better average for this work through the start of spring break. If the student is eligible, the CAS representative will determine student interest in receiving partial credit. 

If the student is eligible and chooses the PCR option, they will receive a “P” grade, with no letter grade submitted. The “P” cannot later be converted to a letter grade. The student transcript will show 1) a “W” for the original course, and 2) a generic College credit (e.g., COLL 119) with a grade of “P” that would apply toward the 32 credits for graduation but would not satisfy any FFC or major/minor/program requirements. 

If the student retakes the course in the future, they would retain the partial-credit designation on their transcript as COLL 119 and the “W” from the original semester. The “P” for COLL 119 will not affect the grade if they retake the course. The students must complete the entire re-take of the course to earn a new credit and letter grade.  

*** This policy is only available for the Spring 2020 term. ***

Don’t Wait to Register for Summer Session!

May session begins May 12. There is no need to wait for spring term grades to register, especially if students have withdrawn or failed a course in a previous term or have concerns about successfully completing their courses this term.   

Students can register for summer terms now on mylakeforestRead carefully this announcement specifying important details about summer sessions.

Writing Center and Quantitative Resource Center tutors will be available for all three summer terms.

Remember: All Grades in Spring 2020 are Pass-Fail 

There is no longer a need this term for students to submit Pass-Fail Forms, as all courses will automatically default to Pass-Fail. However, the initial letter grades submitted by instructors will be recorded. Very soon after the grading period closes (5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 8 for seniors and noon on Tuesday, May 19 for all other students) any letter grades other than “A” or “F” will be converted to a “P” Pass grade. 

Once that process occurs, students can still see their initial letter grades using the following navigation within my.lakeforest: Students tab > My Courses page > My Pre-Grade Report and click “View Results.”  

All “P” grades can be converted to letter grades at the student’s request; no advisor approval needed for this process. All students not graduating in May or summer have until they graduate to make those decisions.  

Seniors graduating in May have until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 11 to submit any Pass-Fail Reversion requests to the Registrar’s Office, while those graduating in summer have until Monday, August 31 to submit such requests.  

Remember: Extension of Automatic “W” deadline for Course Withdrawals until Wednesday, April 29 

Students have until this date (the last day of classes) at 4:30 p.m. to submit a Course Withdrawal Form to their advisor (who, in turn, forwards it to the Registrar’s Office with approval). 

Remember: All Registrar-related forms are now available as writable PDFs  

These can be found using the following navigation within my.lakeforest: Students tab > Student Forms page.  

When filling out forms, be sure to download and save the form to your computer first, then fill it out, save it, and attach it to an email. Any forms requiring an advisor’s signature should be emailed directly to your advisor. Your advisor will then forward it to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@lakeforest.edu with their approval noted in the e- mail instead of a signature.  

Any forms not requiring an advisor approval can be emailed directly to registrar@lakeforest.edu. 

Remember: WCQRC, and Department Tutors Are Available to Help Now! 

Contact Kate Oakley at oakley@mx.lakeforest.edu for Writing Center tutors. 

Contact Julia Berkowitz at berkowitz@mx.lakeforst.edu for QRC tutors. 

Check out the list of department tutors on the Learning Remotely page.