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Forester News

Weekly outreach group offered for students

Feeling lost about how to best take care of yourself during this strange, new time of uncertainty? Hoping to stay connected with your peers and receive some mutual support? The Health and Wellness Center Counseling Services will now be hosting a weekly outreach group, “Wellness Wherever: Coping in Quarantine.”

In this weekly outreach group, you can drop in one week or every Tuesday for the remainder of the semester. The outreach group is designed to help students more effectively cope while under quarantine.

Meeting agendas will include routine setting, setting relationship boundaries, managing anxiety reactions, anticipating and processing grief, and other topics of students’ choosing.

Meetings will be on Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. CST and are open to all Lake Forest College students, no commitment necessary.

Reach out to Health and Wellness (healthandwellness@mx.lakeforest.edu) for a link to join our Zoom meeting.