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Artist in Residence: Jacqui Sutton with the Frontier Jazz Orchestra

The Artist in Residence Committee welcomes Jacqui Sutton with the Frontier Jazz Orchestra to Lake Forest College on March 30–April 1. On Tuesday, March 31, make sure to join the Frontier Orchestra for a can’t-miss performance in the Lily Reid Memorial Chapel at 7 p.m. In addition to the concert, Sutton will be visiting multiple classrooms sharing her story with students.

Associate Professor of Art and Art History, Karen Lebergott, who is also a part of the Artist in Residence committee, speaks highly of Sutton’s composing, calling it, “an absolutely engaging art form.” Frontier Jazz, inspired by Sutton’s favorite artists Billie Holiday and Dolly Parton, brilliantly merges jazz, bluegrass, and classical music.

“Jacqui Sutton is a singularly innovative artist who has melded various musical styles into her own utterly distinct musical mélange,” Associate Professor of Theater Richard Pettengill said. “We hope the campus community will come out and enjoy this rare treat.”

Sutton has been professionally singing since the ’80s. Sutton has experienced music in different cities around the country throughout her career, but moving to Texas in 2008 was the start of something extraordinary. According to Sutton, the Frontier jazz Orchestra began as a “garage band” in Houston. Since then, she has toured with them in multiple states and is currently in residence in California.

Learn more about Jacqui Sutton here. 

The Lake Forest College Artist-in-Residence program began in the 1960s as a Poet-in-Residence program and has since grown to include writers, visual artists, jazz musicians, and even string quartets. Some of the artists that have visited in the last decade include:

  • Wafaa Bilal, Artist, 2012
  • Ni’Ja Whitson, Performing artist, 2013
  • Funkadesi, Chicago music group, 2014
  • Dwayne Betts, Poet, 2015
  • Eva Salzman, Writer 2011, 2016
  • Catalyst Quartet, 2018
  • Samantha Irby, Comedian and Essayist, 2019

—Katy Knuckles ’21