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Forester News

Sophomores: Apply for graduate school exploration opportunity

Qualifying sophomores can apply for an exciting fellowship opportunity to develop their career and academic skills through the Graduate School Exploration Fellowship Program. Applications are due March 5.

The Graduate School Exploration Fellowship Program (GSEF) funds fellowships that provide undergraduates at Associate Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) with a robust set of mentoring, career development, and experiential research opportunities beginning in the summer between their junior and senior year. 

This program is intended to increase the number of underrepresented students in the arts and humanities who pursue graduate study, research, and/or teaching careers in higher and post-secondary education. Please see this web page for full details, eligibility requirements, deadlines (March 5, 2020), and benefits.

Previous Lake Forest College students who have participated in the GSEF:

  • Sarah Coffman ’21, history and African American studies double major
  • Yaneli Guajardo ’21, politics major
  • Zaria Sydnor ’20, economics and African American studies double major
  • Lesley Tenorio ’20, politics and environmental studies double major
  • Yessenia Abigail Alvarado Vasquez ’20, education and Spanish double major
  • Sonia Gomez ’19, English literature and American politics double major
  • Jocelyn Montejo ’19, Asian studies major
  • Alexandra Soriano ’19, psychology and sociology and anthropology double major
  • Anastasia Wrenn ’19, English and theater double major
  • Ashley Lamarre ’18, philosophy and African American studies double major
  • Qiaira Riley ’18, studio art and African American studies double major

If, after reviewing the web page to learn about the program, you have any questions, contact Associate Professor Daw-Nay Evans, GSEF and GRADx Coordinator.