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Forester News

Education majors set to start teaching in Waukegan

The new cohort of teacher candidates in the Department of Education is starting its first fieldwork experiences this semester.

Each teacher candidate is assigned to an elementary or middle school classroom in nearby Waukegan, where they will observe and teach lessons every morning for 10 weeks.

During the first week of the semester, the cohort took a bus tour of the area, where two alumni and current Waukegan High School teachers, Joshua Bill ’04 and Ayana Bankston ’18, taught them about the history of the city they will be working in.

“Being taught this in a class would not have had the same impact on me as it did, and that is the foundation of the education program here at Lake Forest: they give you hands-on experiences and opportunities that can teach you more than any lecture in a classroom,” Jon Call ’20 said. 

The bus tour is one of many activities the teacher candidates do throughout the semester to learn about and embrace various aspects of their students’ culture.

“Teachers who understand various aspects of their students’ culture are better able to connect with them and ensure that their teaching supports their students’ varied assets,” Assistant Professor of Education Jacquelynn Popp said.

This semester’s teacher candidates are:

  • Jack Bernin ’21 MAT
  • Jennifer Bolek ’20 MAT
  • Jon Call ’20 MAT
  • Gina Dudek ’21
  • Hailee Fair ’21
  • Miriam Garcia ’20 MAT
  • Gabby Gonzalez-Nagy ’20
  • McKenzie Jordan ’20 MAT
  • Matt Kacyn ’20 MAT
  • Grace Larson ’19 MAT
  • Sarah Lester ’20 MAT
  • Sofia Lyazkowsak ’20 MAT
  • Aga Macoch ’21 MAT
  • Maria Meza ’21
  • Hannah Nauert ’21
  • Victoria Parrot ’20 MAT
  • Felicia Rivas ’20 MAT
  • Michael Rodriguez ’21
  • Katherine Rogers ’20 MAT
  • Sofia Roumeliotis ’20 MAT
  • Julia Sighete ’21
  • Peter Simmith ’21 MAT
  • Ann Vivirito ’20 MAT
  • Emily Wichgers ’21
  • Benjamin Wyatt ’20 MAT
  • Frederick Yoon ’21 MAT