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Amanda Felkey writes on inclusion in Diversity Journal

An article by Associate Professor of Economics, Business and Finance Amanda J. Felkey, “The Inclusion Habit,” was published in Profiles of Diversity Journal.

In the article, Felkey makes the case for changing behavior and helping individuals become more inclusive by embracing six habit-building attitudes and actions.

“The program is designed to help individuals be proactive in making their behavior more inclusive through six habit-building phases—embracing that inclusion matters, understanding biases and their sources, dispersing the negativity associated with unconscious biases, practicing thinking more deliberately, reprogramming incorrect intuitions about others, and becoming more empathetic,” Felkey states in the article.

Published in the “Innovations” issue, “The Inclusion Habit” is featured on the journal’s website next to work done at Freddie Mac by extraordinary inclusion innovators like Jacqueline Welch and Dominica Groom Williams.

Read the complete article here