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Forester News

Alumni come together for a common goal

The power of community is a strong one, especially when it comes to celebrating life and years of friendship. 

This incredible power of friendship was shown in an exemplary manner last October during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2019. Members of the Class of 1994 came together to not only commemorate their 25th reunion, but to remember their friend, teammate, and classmate, Gary Heath ’94. In doing so, the Class of 1994 established the Gary Heath Memorial Scholarship to honor Heath, his joyful spirit, and the positive impact he made on all of those he met.

“It was amazing to see our classmates and Gary’s friends work together to establish a long-lasting legacy to celebrate his life,” noted Doug Moffat ’94, a classmate of Heath’s who helped spearhead the campaign. With the efforts from Moffat and his classmates, this scholarship will always honor the life of Gary and celebrate him for years to come.

The Gary Heath Memorial Scholarship is just one of a few other scholarships that are group-funded in honor of celebrating the life and accomplishments of others. The Judith E. B. Harmon Scholarship, Class of 1968 Scholarship, and Donald A. Stanley Scholarship, are all scholarships that have been group-funded with a common goal in mind.

Each of these funds recognizes those from the Forester community who have made an impact, whether it be through their teaching, their vibrant personality, or their ongoing and tireless service to the College. Not only were these scholarships established to honor these amazing people, but they also were created in an effort help enhance the experience of current and future Foresters. 

It is truly amazing what can happen when those with a common goal join together to support each other. If there is a special Forester you would like to support, or if you have interest in spearheading a campaign, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations here for more information.