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International Relations

Jessica Walsh studied in London

Jessica Walsh , 3rd-year international relations major and Islamic World Studies minor studied in London in the fall 2018.

Jessica Walsh is a third-year international relations major and Islamic World Studies minor at Lake Forest College. During the fall semester of 2018, she studied abroad at the University of Roehampton, in southwest London, which is a 30-minute tube ride from central London. She very much enjoyed living in the British capital and exploring its many neighborhoods and attractions, such as Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Oxford Circus, Kensington, and Shoreditch. During the semester, she travelled to Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Edinburgh. She enjoyed Copenhagen most of all, because of its colorful buildings and friendly people. Currently, Jessica is studying Arabic at the advanced intermediate level, and she has taken a variety of core and elective courses in international relations, both at Lake Forest College and the University of Roehampton. In addition to Arabic, her courses in Islamic World Studies include Politics of the Middle East and a religion course titled 21st Century Islam. After graduation, Jessica plans on pursuing a master’s degree with a concentration in International Peace and Human rights. Consequently, in the future she can serve and advocate for displaced individuals, refugees or sex trafficking victims around the world.