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Enrique Treviño publishes research, speaks at international conference

Associate Professor of Mathematics Enrique Treviño published his works in a number of mathematics journals this fall and was invited to present his research at an international mathematics conference in Sydney, Australia.

Treviño’s paper “Probabilistic Proof that 1+2+…+n = n(n+1)/2” was published in the American Mathematical Monthly. He discovered the new way to prove that the sum of the first n integers is n(n+1)/2 while teaching a senior seminar class on expected value in fall 2018. 

Another of Treviño’s paper’s, “A birthday in St. Petersburg,” was included in The College Mathematics Journal, and a number of his problems appeared in four consecutive issues of the journal Mathematics Magazine.

In addition, Treviño presented his research, “On Egyptian fractions of length 3,” at the seventh annual Number Theory Down Under Conference at the University of New South Wales. The meeting brings together Australian and international number theorists to share ideas, pursue collaborative work, and establish connections to other fields of mathematics.