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Enrique Treviño and student Mikita Zhylinski ’20 published a paper in mathematics journal

Associate Professor of Mathematics Enrique Treviño and Mikita Zhylinski ’20 published a paper in the mathematics journal Involve.

Treviño was assisted by Lake Forest College student Mikita Zhylinski ’20, a mathematics and economics double major and computer science minor, in publishing their paper “On generalizing happy numbers to fractional base number systems.” in Involve vol. 12, no. 7.

“The way I got involved is I had a number theory class with Professor Treviño and I asked him about possible research opportunities,” Zhylinski said. 

Zhylinski was able to figure out the fractional algorithm that their article is based on and he is confident that this experience will guarantee his acceptance into graduate school.  

“Everyone should reach out to their professors to see if they can participate in research projects, it’s very exciting and worthwhile,” Zhylinski said.

Involve is a publication that showcases and encourages high-quality mathematical research involving students from all academic levels.  

Click here to visit Involve’s webpage.

—Peter DiPietro ’20