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What’s the buzz with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program?

The most popular minor at the College, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program exposes students to life skills that are transferable to any career path.

If you haven’t heard the buzz around Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTP) at Lake Forest College, you might want to take a second look… this minor is becoming major. You may be surprised to learn that more than 20% of the College’s student body is now pursuing the ENTP minor. The program focuses on finding problems and mobilizing the people, resources, and networks to solve them.

The program has five tracks: intellectual property; social entrepreneurship; self-employment and small business; intrapreneurship (innovation inside existing institutions); and high-growth startups. All courses are taught by a cross-disciplinary group of social innovation and business venture leaders. Faculty have experience working with early stag nonprofit and for-profit ventures from a wide variety of industries and experiences including media, consumer products, food, finance, technology, business, and literature.


Recent Buzz


Oppenheimer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We are excited to announce the expansion of the program with ENTP’s very own center. The Oppenheimer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is set to be constructed on the second floor of the Donnelley and Lee Library on Middle campus, easily accessible for all students and faculty. 


Illinois Science and Technology Coalition feature

A recent article featured by the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition highlights that “entrepreneurship is no longer just for big universities” and uses Lake Forest College as a prime example of a budding entrepreneurship program. 


Pitch it 2.0: Venture Design Challenge

After a one-year hiatus, we’re excited to welcome back our annual pitch competition. Relaunched and re-branded as the Venture Design Challenge, welcome Pitch It 2.0! Open to all Lake Forest College students, this competition allows students to connect with mentors, receive coaching, and compete for $10,000 in prizes, transforming ideas into action. The Venture Design Challenge offers students a place and a space to solve real problems and make a real difference. 


How can I help?


  • We’re looking for coaches, mentors, or judges for the Venture Design Challenge! Email ENTP@lakeforest.edu with your interest.


  • Looking for interns? Email ENTP@lakeforest.edu with your internship opportunity and the Career Advancement Center will be in touch! 


  • Coming to campus sometime soon? We’d love for you to join a class or lecture!


  • Make a gift to support the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. Select Entrepreneurship as the fund


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