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Foresters Hiring Foresters

Coyote Logistics, a leading third-party logistics provider headquartered in Chicago, is one of the companies that employs numerous Foresters. In fact, there are 27 Lake Forest College alumni currently working there.



 This past August, our football upperclassmen made a site visit to Coyote Logistics, pictured above, where fellow football alums Charlie Quinn ’17, Bob Pennell ’17, Michael Garetto-Balmer ’14, and Anthony Garetto ’11 took time to talk about their experience at Coyote and life after Forester football.

Even more recently, Erin Badge, a recruiter from Coyote who serves on the Business and Finance Pathway Leadership Team for the College, attended Speed Networking on campus on October 10 and connected with many current students about their futures.

Read more about the success of past alumni who were present at Speed Networking.