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Forester News

Board of Trustees endorses new initiatives

In an all-campus email sent October 29, President Stephen Schutt shared the news from the Board of Trustees meeting. Click here to read the  letter.

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

I am pleased to provide this brief report following very productive meetings of the College’s Board of Trustees last Thursday and Friday.  I want to thank everyone involved in the meetings, and especially the students from our sophomore class who shared a great lunch with trustees on Friday.

The Board spent a number of hours considering the current and future enrollment challenges that confront colleges and universities nationwide.  Even in this challenging environment, our trustees are well aware that the College needs to continue increasing enrollment in order to receive the academic, social, and economic benefits that a larger student body will produce. 

With this in mind, the Board commended the College’s impressive recent advances in student retention and graduation rates.  Strong, successful retention is just as important as student recruitment, the Board noted, in maintaining and increasing the College’s student population.

The Board also endorsed – and committed resources to support – the following initiatives designed to attract new or larger cohorts of students in strategic areas over the next several years:

  • Continuing growth in our new data science major and its three tracks:  finance and economics, statistics, and computer science
  • Two new partnerships with Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science:  a Health Professions Program at the College that will provide multiple pathways to RFU graduate programs, and an accelerated 3-2 program that will lead to a Master of Entry to Nursing Practice degree from Rosalind Franklin
  • Varsity lacrosse for both women’s and men’s teams

Warm thanks go to the numerous faculty and staff who have developed these promising initiatives thus far.  More work by CPC, other committees, and many on campus will be required to implement the initiatives and receive their full benefits, but I am buoyed by their prospects, and the Board supports them with great enthusiasm.


Best wishes to everyone as we near the end of October.

Stephen D. Schutt


Lake Forest College