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Popp leads teacher professional development focused on social justice historical literacies 

Assistant Professor of Education Jacquelynn Popp is facilitating a yearlong professional development network with six Chicagoland middle school social studies teachers. The network teachers collaborate in developing and implementing curriculum to foster their students’ social justice historical literacies. 

Social justice historical literacies comprise closely reading historical and current-event texts to critically analyze systemic inequities over time and take subsequent informed civic action to promote social justice. 

This past summer, Popp and the network teachers participated in a four-day intensive workshop to build their knowledge of social justice historical literacies. Teacher-participants reported benefitting from critically reading historical texts with a social justice lens themselves and discussing strategies for implementing such practices in their own classrooms.

At the end of the summer workshop, the group developed a mission statement that will guide their collaborative efforts to improve their curriculum and teaching. The teachers will meet monthly throughout the 2019-2020 academic year to set curricular goals, workshop lesson plans, analyze instructional data, provide each other with constructive feedback, and discuss how to combat challenges of implementing social justice historical literacies in their classrooms.