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The Alumni Board Needs You!

The Alumni Board is a catalyst for growth for a thriving community of Foresters Helping Foresters. Consider being a part of this vital community’s future.

The College Alumni Board is currently seeking new members to help engage all of our alumni in advancing the strategic priorities of the College, and encourage you to learn more.

The primary goals of the Board are to:

  • Engage current and future Foresters in the life of the College.
  • Connect Foresters and cultivate success through alumni participation and leadership.
  • Sustain lifelong relationships with the College. 

The Board strives to be representative of our approximately 13,000 alumni and all are welcome. We are currently seeking alumni from Boston, New York, the Pacific Northwest, St. Louis, and the Twin Cities, as well as from the 1970’s and 1990’s. 

LondonThe Board is led by a President, two officers, and four committee chairs. There are three tiers of membership including Full members, Associate members (non-voting), and Life members (non-voting). New members serve as Associate members for one year, as an opportunity to test the waters, and become familiar with the format before beginning a four-year term as a Full member. Board President Doug London ’07 says “Alumni Board members give their time and energy as well as financially contribute to Lake Forest College because we are thankful for what the College has given us. I’m very proud to call the College my alma mater.”

There are four committees of the Alumni Board:

  • Engage; partners with Admissions Office to recruit the best caliber students
  • Connect, partners with Career Advancement Office to increase post-graduate outcomes
  • Sustain: partners with the Development Office to increase the percentage of alumni that give to the Annual Fund

Membership, which focuses on the recruitment, retention, and promotion of Alumni Board members.

Each member is asked to join one committee and support the efforts of that committee by leading small projects, supporting College-led initiatives, and participating on monthly scheduled committee phone calls. 

The Alumni Board meets four times per year: twice in person at Homecoming and late winter, and twice via webinar in late spring and summer.

“The Alumni Board is critical to the College. By leveraging the skills and experience of Board GasperMembers, the College can access organizations - commercial, not for profit, academic - that provide experiences for students thus enriching the education Lake Forest offers. These experiences make real the education offered at Lake Forest and set graduates up for success.  Being a Member is giving back to Lake Forest and in a way coming full circle to the place that provided me the skills to be successful,” says Sabina McGarrahan Gasper ’83

Serving on the Alumni Board is an excellent opportunity to engage with the College and have a direct impact on its initiatives. Please consider learning more and submitting an application.  If you are interested please contact Alumni Board President Doug London ’07 at doug.london41@gmail.com or Membership Committee member Riley Hutchinson ’12 at rhutchinson1108@gmail.com

Nadia Gronkowski ’14 remembers, “I had a wonderful experience at Lake Forest College, and being a member of the Alumni Board gives me the opportunity to help steward the College in a direction that helps ensures others have a great experience, too. The exceptional classes I took at the College inspired me to work in the field of education equity, and it is really exciting to be able to give back via the Alumni Board as the College strives to ensure that diverse groups of students are truly supported and celebrated on campus.

The care that the Office of Admissions took with my application when I was a prospective Nadiastudent was what ultimately persuaded me to attend the College. Now, as part of the Alumni Board’s Engage Committee, I have the opportunity to help send that same message to today’s prospective students: that the type of thoughtfulness and care with which the College welcomes you during the admissions process will be experienced again and again throughout your time there.”