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Reconnect: Pathways Affiliates

A great way to stay connected, stay engaged and make an impact

By now, you’ve probably learned a bit about the College’s successful, and nationally recognized Career Pathways program. From their first day on campus, students are encouraged to begin exploring pathways for inspiration, ideas, events, and next steps to clarify their interests: Business and Finance, Creative Arts and CommunicationScience and Health CareLaw and Public Service, or Build Your Own

Throughout their four years at the College, students follow four stages of personal exploration and career development, and make connections with people who can help with job prospects or move on to graduate school. Faculty, staff, alumni, employers, and trustees act as mentors for students in the Career Pathway communities. Our alumni have been a great resource, offering time, expertise, internships, and even job offers.

But, there are many more people interested in contributing to the Career Pathways than will be able serve on the Pathways Leadership Teams at any given time, and alumni who want to be highly involved but are not serving on a Leadership Team may elect to join the Career Pathways as affiliate members.


  • Receive regular updates from Pathway Leaders about events and success stories

  • Are invited to offer assistance to students in the Career Pathways; for example, event attendance, hosting interns, recommending sites for interns, or networking referrals; some update messaging will be similar to what is provided to leadership teams

  • Highly engaged affiliate members can be considered as future Leadership Team members

    Leadership Teams are limited to 20 members. All key stakeholders (faculty, staff, employers, alumni, parents, students and other friends of the College) are welcome to become affiliates, and will receive periodic updates from the Career Advancement Center.

    Happily, there is no limit to the number of affiliate members associated with leadership teams, and alumni are welcome to join multiple pathways as affiliate members. 

    Please consider participating and making an impact in the life of students.

    Join a Career Pathway as an affiliate.