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Forester News

Beyond the Forest

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations is pleased to introduce this new initiative to provide guidance to our alumni when they move to a new city and begin navigating life after the College. Beyond the Forest includes Forester alumni sharing info about their city, the development and sharing of city guides created with this information, and events to bring city experts and new to the area Foresters together.

Introducing: Beyond The Forest Guides

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming. Remember when you first graduated and made the jump to the real world, or moved to a brand new place? You’re not the only one. We’re preparing to welcome a new class of young alumni this spring, and we hope to make this milestone easier, and maybe even fun. We also want to be a resource for those further out who are planning a big move to a new city. We would like your help in providing tips and tricks for those making the jump to the city you call home.

Fill out this survey and share some favorite things about your city. Survey responses will be created into digital guides – Forester Guides – for our alumni to access.

And…introducing: Beyond The Forest Events!
Let’s celebrate making the jump and making the move! Regional Beyond the Forest events will happen based on the survey responses from the most popular cities. Please share your tips! First up, Chicago. Register here.