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International Relations

Belt and Road Initiative

Altin Kukaj attended the 2nd International Youth Forum at Zhejiang University in China

On December 28th and 29th, 2018, a fourth-year history and international relations major Altin Kukaj attended the 2nd International Youth Forum on the Belt and Road Initiative with the focus on The Central And Eastern European Perspective. This youth conference was hosted by Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China and brought together authors, editors, universities and institutes from across the world. 

Zhejiang University will soon publish the second edition of its book “Young Belt and Road: The Central and Eastern European Perspective”, which will include Altin’s perspective on Albania’s political development.  

During the conference, Altin had the honor of meeting Mr. Guiguo Wang, the President of the Academy of International Strategy and Law at Zhejiang University, and he shared with him small gifts from Lake Forest College.  

Altin is writing a senior thesis in history and international relations on the lasting effect of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, during NATO’s war against Serbia in 1999, on Sino-American relations.  “Majoring in International Relations at Lake Forest College has taught me a lot about international and comparative politics,” says Altin. “Going forward, I hope to further explore the topic of China’s rise as global power.”