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Sexual Misconduct

Title IX Reporting Form: Sexual, Dating/Domestic Violence and Gender Discrimination

Complete this form to report on- and off-campus incidents of sexual misconduct and gender discrimination.  Sexual misconduct may include (sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape) and incidents of stalking, dating violence, domestic violence (intimate partner violence). Sex and gender discrimination (pregnant and parenting, sexual orientation, and sexual identity) and retaliation involving any of the incidents above may be shared below as well. Completion of this form does not automatically lead to an investigation. Resources, referral, or support may be provided with or without a campus investigation. While requests for confidentiality will generally be granted, there may be times when the College has to respond in the best interest of the harmed party and the larger campus community.

Anonymous Reporting

You may report anonymously regardless of your role (i.e. survivor/victim, witness, or third party). Please note sharing anonymously may limit the College’s response. Share anonymously here.

Reporting Party Information

Anonymous reports may be filed, follow the link at the top of this form to submit an anonymous report.
(Residence Halls are listed in the next question)
If the incident occurred in a residence hall, please select where.
Please provide additional information about the location of the incident whether on- or off-campus (i.e., room number, name of building etc.)
If you are the harmed or wronged party, please note that you may provide as much information as you are comfortable sharing here. You also have the option of sharing this information in person with the responding college official. Please describe the incident with as much detail as possible (e.g., who what, etc.)
Please provide any information regarding yourself or other parties involved in the incident. This can include witnesses, victims, perpetrators, advocates, or anyone else you find relevant. Please be sure to include their position at the College and contact information if known.
Select all that apply,
I would like to: (select all that apply)
e.g. photos, text messages, documents, etc.
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