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Week 1

Ciao everyone!

My name is Holly McHenry and I am going to be a senior at Lake Forest College this fall! I am a Sociology and Anthropology major and Communications minor, and am currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

When given the option to study abroad, I knew that I definitely couldn’t pass on the opportunity. I was born in the United Kingdom and spent a fair amount of my life on the other side of the pond, so I was excited by the possibility to spend more time in Europe. However, because I am involved in so many activities on campus including Student Ambassadors and Forester Guides, I made the personal decision to stay in Lake Forest during the school semesters in order to fully commit to my leadership positions. Lucky for me, that did not mean the opportunity to go abroad was lost! I was able to find a four-week American Institute For Foreign Study program that aligned perfectly with my interests and schedule. Lake Forest College offers over 200 study abroad programs, so there were plenty of programs for me to choose from!

My first week kicked-off with a two-day excursion in Rome (twenty miles in two days!) I saw many sites and attractions including the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and the Vatican. Just when I thought the city couldn’t get any more beautiful, I would turn a corner or walk into a church and be blown away all over again. Even though our group had guides to show us around the city, we were encouraged to explore by ourselves – an opportunity for some much desired wanderlust. Nighttime included a restaurant of our choosing full of delicious food, and of course, followed by a much-anticipated gelato run.

After two, long and busy days in Rome, I finally headed back to Florence. I am staying in a stunning apartment with nine other girls right above a grocery store and next to a beautiful river that runs through the city. One of my favorite parts of the program are the optional activities for students to sign up for EVERYDAY! So far I’m scheduled to take a gelato tour, participate in a wine tasting and cooking class, visit museums, and attend opera and classical music concerts. My schedule is already jam packed and it’s only just the beginning!