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Resources for faculty

Here are some instructions for accessing and using some of the library’s resources, including the New York Times and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

New York Times

    1. Go to http://nytimesineducation.com/access-nyt/
    2. Type in “Lake Forest College.” You will be redirected to a registration page
    3. Select “Create Account” and register using your Lake Forest College email address
    4. Login to your College email and verify your account. Check your “junk” or “clutter” folders if you do not see an email from the New York Times.
    5. Once you establish your login credentials, you will be able to access NYTimes.com on or off campus by going directly to NYTimes.com and logging in. Your access will remain in place for another 364 days before you are asked to re-register.
    6. If you are a current paid subscriber and use your Lake Forest College email address for your subscription, log in to your paid subscription and then select “settings” to change the email address to a different .edu email address. For example, you might change it to @mx.lakeforest.edu, and reserve @lakeforest.edu for the College subscription. Please get in touch if you have any questions.
    7. If you previously set up an account for “academic pass” access to the New York times, go to http://nytimesineducation.com/access-nyt/, select “Lake Forest College,” and then select “Already have an Account? Log in here.” You will receive a verification email. After that, you will be able to access NYTimes.com on or off campus by going directly to NYTimes.com and logging in.

    Searching the New York Times:

    • Use the New York Times search box to find your article by keywords.
      Once you have initiated a search, you can refine your search by date range or author.
    • To see older articles, click: View original in TimesMachine

    For additional help, ask a librarian.


Chronicle of Higher Education
By creating a Chronicle account, you can set up alerts to go to your email.  Users can search and read premium content on or off campus.

1) If you are on campus, you can simply go to www.chronicle.com. If you are on or off campus, go to cacheproxy.lakeforest.edu:2969.
2) Click on the “Log In” link on the top, right-hand side of the web page.
3) Choose the “Create an account now” option.
4) Enter your name, Lake Forest College email address, and position, which will send a confirmation email to your Lake Forest College email account.
5) In the confirmation email, click the link, and then follow the steps on the account setup pages.


  • Wall Street Journal

    1. Go to https://education.wsj.com/search/
    2. Enter “Lake Forest College” in the box where it says “Activate your school-sponsored WSJ membership/Look up your school below.” You will be redirected to a registration page.
    3. Create an account using your lakeforest.edu or mx.lakeforest.edu email address.
    4. Once you establish your login credentials, you will be able to access the Wall Street Journal on or off campus by going directly to www.wsj.com and logging in.
    5. You can also download the WSJ tablet and smartphone apps from your device’s app store and log in using the credentials you’ve created.


Kanopy streaming video
Kanopy provides a unique collection of films in the world, including award-winning documentaries, training films, and theatrical releases, including the Criterion Collection titles. Watch films anytime, anywhere, on any device. 


Google Scholar

Option 1
Change your settings so that Google Scholar knows you’re affiliated with Lake Forest College.
1) Click on“settings” in the upper right corner of the web page.
2) Choose“Library links” on the left.  
3) Type in“Lake Forest College.”
4) Select the College’s options.
5) Save your settings.
Option 2
1) Go to http://link.lakeforest.edu/googlescholar 
2) Bookmark this link on your laptop or other device (or just use the Google Scholar links on the library’s web site).


Regarding Wiley journal articles:
In most cases, the Library pays $14 for each Wiley article downloaded (using an electronic token system).  We budget for this and are thrilled to be able to offer access to Wiley’s >2,000 journal titles.  Unfortunately, every week Wiley tokens get used unnecessarily because the downloaded articles are also available in our library databases at no extra cost.  

How you can help us conserve our Wiley tokens:

1) Set up Google Scholar to recognize you as having access to Lake Forest College journal subscriptions (see above in Google Scholar).
2) Search for the article by title (if necessary, put the title in quotes and/or add the author’s last name).
3) Always choose these links that appear to the right of the article you are seeking:

  • “Check Lake Forest College” (when it appears)
  • Any link on the right-hand side of Google Scholar

How do you know you’re about to use a Wiley token?
If you land on the http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/ site and see this message: “Select the confirm option to access the Article. All users at Lake Forest College will have access to this Article for 24 hours,” and click “confirm,” you’ve used a token.

When you use a token to view a Wiley article:
Please save the article to your computer or flash drive (or print it, upload it to Moodle, etc.); after 24 hours any new download of the article will result in another token being spent.