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Research Guides

African American Studies

African American Studies Research Guide

Art & Art History

Art & Design Research Guide (including images)


Biology Research Guide

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 415: Senior Seminar: Molecular Machines

Find and Cite Images for Papers and Presentations


Chemistry 320/321: Physical Chemistry I & II

Chemistry Research Guide

Using Chemical Abstracts & SciFinder

Cinema Studies

Guide to Researching Films and Film Studies

Guide to French Cinema

Guide to Latin American & Spanish Cinema

Economics, Business, and Finance

ECON/BUSN/FIN Research Guide

Global Marketing and Business

Principles of Marketing

Mass Media & Marketing Research


Education Research Guide

First Year Studies

FIYS 117: Becoming Adult: Liminal States

FIYS 144: Sacred Spaces in Chicago and Beyond


History 205: Medieval History

Islamic World Studies

Islamic World Studies Research Guide

Modern Languages and Literatures

French Studies Research Guide

French Cinema Research Guide

FREN/CINE 230 French Literature Through Film Final Project Guide

French 328: Contemporary France

Latin American & Spanish Cinema Research Guide

News Media

Local and National News

International News


Comparative Politics & International Relations Research Guide

Politics 110: Debate

Politics 200: Methods of Political Research


Psychology Research Guide

PsycINFO Guide


Religion Research Guide

Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology Research Guide


Theater Research Guide